Tic and Tac play Roger Rabbit for a spectacular comeback (review)

The new Disney+ movie is a meta adaptation, visually great, and packed with demented surprises.

After 30 years of absence, the Risk Rangers resume service for Disney +. Tic and Tac are back – from Friday 20 May – in an entertaining action comedy, mixing animation and live action. A genre popularized by the revolutionary Roger Rabbitin 1988, of which this streaming film is a worthy heir.

The story takes us first to the heart of the 80’s. A few years after they met in high school, Tic and Tac go up to Hollywood to make a career and are a hit with their series The Rangers of Risk. Except that after three successful seasons, everything stops when Tac decides to play it solo. The tape explodes. The two friends separate. Tic became an insurance agent. Gadget, the handy mouse, married Ruzor – the little green fly – and they had lots of babies. Tac, on the other hand, scours fan conventions, seeking to revive his past glory. He even succumbed to cosmetic surgery, going into CGI, from a 2D character to 3D! But one evening, their old comrade, Jack the Beefy, addicted to smelly cheese, will mysteriously disappear and Tic and Tac will team up again to lead the investigation…

And that’s when we start singing at the top of our lungs: “At the critical moment, when everyone cracks, their tactic is attack…“Actually, not really since the star song of the cartoon from our childhood (1989-1990) is surprisingly absent from this film Tic and Tac, which comes out of the closet the two joker squirrels (they are chipmunks more exactly) created by the Disney studios in 1943. We still do not understand why we were deprived of this little hyper-nostalgic musical kiff. But apart from that, the return of Risk Rangers almost flawless.

Especially on the form. Visually, this Disney+ movie is a real treat. Director Akiva Schaffer mixes with a certain mastery a multitude of animation styles that he integrates perfectly into a real world where “Toons” live in harmony with humans. We’ve been waiting for a sequel for more than 30 years. Roger Rabbit. At least here we have a successor that holds up. Certainly, Tic and Tac do not have the same style as their assumed model. Robert Zemeckis’ “film noir” style gives way here to a much more family-oriented comedy. Easier to access, with a somewhat lazy scenario. The kind that everyone will enjoy, even those who didn’t grow up with the Risk Rangers. But what fun we take. This modern adaptation, devilishly inventive, is full of insane surprises (special mention to the “Failed Sonic”, the first draft of the SEGA character created for the live film, shouted down by the fans and transformed in the process), resolutely fun sequences and winks eyes of all kinds.

There are pop culture references everywhere. In almost every way. A bit like the Ready Player One of Spielberg. At times we come close to overdosing. Another Multiverse of Madness very aware of what he is. But at the same time, the film assumes perfectly to play with the past and this need to leave behind childhood memories. Our dear Tic and Tac have grown and this 2022 version has a class of hell. You will love unraveling the threads of mystery again!

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