Tiger King 2: Carole Baskin files a complaint against Netflix

Tiger King, season 2

Baskin, featured in the first season of the 2020 event series, didn’t really appreciate her portrayal in Season 2 of Tiger King.

If fans rejoice in the return of the Netflix series made very popular during lockdown Tiger king, it’s not to everyone’s taste: Carole baskin, the wife of Joe exotic, has filed a complaint against Netflix for using its image in the upcoming new season.

Indeed, she declares that the production company of the documentary Royal Goode Productions did not respect its contra: Baskin would have signed only for one season. “Using footage from the Baskin and Big Cat Rescue obtained by Royal Goode Productions as part of Appearance Releases in short videos and promotional trailers for the sequel titled Tiger king 2, defendants violate terms of Appearance Releases “ clarifies the complaint.

Tiger King 2: the so meta trailer unveiled by Netflix

In addition, this second season, announced with a completely meta trailer and a synopsis that says a lot about what awaits fans, presents according to the complainant an image that does not correspond to her. “Series Tiger king 1 was particularly harsh and unfair in his description of the Baskins and Big Cat Rescue. Series Tiger king 1 mistakenly attempted to suggest that Big Cat Rescue mistreated its animals by keeping them in very small cages, without specifying that the animals actually live in spacious enclosures “, continues the complaint. “Likewise, Tiger king 1 mistakenly suggests an equivalence between Big Cat Rescue and Joe Exotic’s Road Zoo, and more broadly that there is no difference between roadside zoos that exploit and mistreat animals and accredited sanctuaries that rescue and provide excellent lifelong animal care. Perhaps the most pernicious is the general insinuation, in Tiger king 1, that Carole Baskin was involved in the disappearance of her first husband in 1997. “

Tiger king 2 will be available on Netflix from November 17th. His trailer:

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