Titans: Batman hands over in season 3 trailer

titans season 3
Warner Bros.

A new video which also introduces Barbara Gordon and Jonathan Crane alias L’Epouvantail.

After a first trailer that highlighted new villains, a new long trailer for season 3 of Titans just unveiled by HBO Max, it gives pride of place to Batman and his legacy:

In this very dark video, we find Bruce Wayne (played by Iain Glen) who wants to pass the hand. After the brutal death of one of his allies, he invites his sidekick Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) to take over and become a “better” Dark Knight than he was, in his words.

It must be said that Batman gone, chaos will quickly invade the streets of Gotham. To deal with it, the new Police Commissioner, Barbara Gordon (played by Savannah Welch) enlists a special consultant: Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow (The Scarecrow), detained in Arkham Asylum (played by Vincent Kartheiser). . The video has already made us dangle a relationship to the Silence of the Lambs

This season 3 of Titans will be broadcast from Thursday, August 12 on HBO Max in the USA and then in France on Netflix. There will then be an episode every week every Thursday until October 21.

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