Titans: Hawk’s departure explained by actor Alan Ritchson [exclu]

DC Hawk Titans

“There, it was time for me to leave. It was consistent.”

As he makes his return to the small screen, in the leading role of Reacher, these days on Prime Video, the actor Alan Ritchson has just left behind his place in the team of Titans. And he assures us: his departure from the DC series is not linked to his new job!

My departure has nothing to do with Reacher”, ensures Alan Ritchson at Premiere. “The production of Titans was already being turned upside down when we moved from the DC Universe platform to HBO Max. We arrived with season 3 with an absolutely huge cast. It was necessary to reduce, refocus the story. It made sense. I was there almost from the beginning, when originally I was just supposed to make an appearance for two episodes… before a possible Hawk and Dove spin-off that didn’t happen. So I stayed. And then it was time for me to leave. It was consistent.”

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Hawk’s end wasn’t sweet, but the ex-star of Titans admits to being at peace with the way the character said goodbye: “I’m completely satisfied with this departure. It was authentic and very strong. The fans did not expect that at all. It was a really nice way to leave, which closed the loop for Hawk.”

Season 4 of Titans, without Hawk or Alan Ritchson, will start in 2022, in France on Netflix. Season 1 of Reacher is to be seen from Friday on Prime Video.

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