Titans: what we know about season 4 of the DC series

titans dc season 3
Warner Bros.

Already renewed, it should be released in 2022. But what will the rest of Robin’s story tell?

Just before the season 3 finale airs on its HBO Max platform at the end of October, Warner Bros. officially ordered season 4 of Titans. Taking advantage of the DC FanDome event, the studio renewed the drama worn by Brenton Thwaites and which has just returned to France on Netflix.

The 13 episodes of season 3 are now online, at home, on the network and we therefore already have a look at the sequel. When will season 4 be?

No date for the moment, but it will certainly be seen in 2022 on HBO Max and in France on Netflix.

When to know what will happen there, Brenton Thwaites respond in EW have not yet had any script in hand. But he has ideas:

“There are characters that I have yet to see appear in Titans and that I would really like to see embodied on screen. I would also like to see a story develop between Superboy and the Titans. There are a lot of things in there, because as we have seen, he really works with Dick’s morals and values. But we all know there is this dark side hidden in him and I think it would be really interesting to explore. Superboy is one of my favorite characters (…) And then I’m very curious to see who will be the big villain of season 4. Everything revolves around the villains in Titans, structurally speaking. In the first season, it was two villains. In the second, it was Deathstroke. In the third, it was Crane … “

And then Brenton Thwaites talks about the starters, those who will no longer be there in season 4, like Hank. He suggests that other shocking disappearances, of the same kind, could occur again:

“We killed Hank [Ritchson]. Hank was such a strong character for us. We’re all very sad to see him go, but it was a great decision for the season and for the series. So we could start killing someone important again … “

Dove should also have left the ship, at the resumption, since her character chose to go away, far (to Paris) at the end of season 3 and the actress Minka Kelly has already signed to join the cast ofEuphoria from now on.

But there is still “so many possibilities to explore for Titans“continues the interpreter of Robin, who begins to dream: “We could go into intergalactic mode with the planet Tamaran and explore that a bit more … Or they could come to Earth, and we could have this big alien explosion. Dick could explore his relationship with Bruce Wayne a bit. [Iain Glen]. Maybe they could start to develop a stronger personal relationship. In Season 3, it was nice to see that coming back a bit, and to see that Dick was starting to come together and get his confidence back. Maybe Bruce Wayne is starting to wear down a bit and lose his hand? It’s also an interesting dynamic … ”

So many leads for the rest of Titans, soon, in France, on Netflix.

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