Tom Cruise wants the filming of Mission: Impossible 8 to be finished before the release of the 7

The next film in the saga will end on a “cliffhanger”, so the cinema release of its sequel shouldn’t take too long…

variety published a long article last night on the complicated production of varietydetailing all the reasons that blew up its budget: by dint of postponing the shooting of several key scenes of the film because of the Covid-19 epidemic, planned in several countries around the world, this sequel would have cost 290 million dollars at Paramount, i.e. 100 million more than for the previous one, fallout. During the paper, we also learn more about n°8, scheduled for cinemas on June 26, 2024, a little less than a year after the release of M:I 7July 12, 2023. They were initially scheduled for September 30, 2022 and July 7, 2023, and this postponement of one year each is obviously explained by the deadlines imposed by the Covid, but also by a strategy of the star of the movie, Tom Cruise. “His reasoning is as follows: Cruise would like to have finished filming the 8th opus before the 7th is released. Because as the 7th film ends on a ‘cliffhanger’, its star wants the transition between the two parts to be shorter than usual. The plan is for these two opuses to serve as a farewell for the character of Ethan Hunt, whether it’s the “climax” of the entire franchise. This increases the pressure on the star and on McQuarrie to deliver a hard-hitting farewell to the super spy.”

The budget of Mission: Impossible 7 exploded because of the Covid

The article then returns to the initial idea of shoot the two films back-to-backwhich was abandoned precisely because of delays in Mission: Impossible 7 because of the epidemic, and details that the eighth film will soon start filming in South Africa. Like the previous ones, his most spectacular scenes will be shot in several countries around the world, and Cruise will perform new stunts there to bluff the public (including a aboard a WWII biplane). The source finally recalls how important the saga is in the career of the actor, who receives significant bonuses on his receipts. Each episode having been a hit, with the exception of No. 3 directed by JJ Abrams, which collected “only” 398 million dollars on the planet, this allows Cruise to maintain an important status in Hollywood: the last episode, fallout (2018) earned $791 million, which earned him $50 on his own. In all, Impossible mission represents 3.5 billion dollars of greenbacks.

Tom Cruise recounts the impossible filming of Mission: Impossible 7, in the midst of a pandemic

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