Tom Hanks Reckons He Couldn’t Play Philadelphia’s Gay Character Today

Tom Hanks Reckons He Couldn't Play Philadelphia's Gay Character Today

“And that’s good !”

This week, Tom Hanks returns to the cinema Elvis, by Baz Luhrmann. Interviewed on his career by the New York Timesthe leading player in Forrest Gump returned to the changes in society, as well as the evolution of representation in Hollywood, since he worked in this medium. He explains, for example, that Gary Sinise, who played Lieutenant Dan in Robert Zemeckis’s 1994 cinema success, could no longer play a disabled character if Forrest Gump was done today. “There are films that you couldn’t do exactly like back then,” begins the actor before talking about his own experience on philadelphiaJonathan Demme’s drama released a year earlier in which he played a gay man.

“Could a straight guy do what I did in philadelphia ? No, and that’s good,” responds the actor. The whole point of this film was to tell people: ‘Do not be afraid’, and one of the reasons audiences at the time weren’t scared was because I was playing this gay character. We’ve moved past all of that today, and I don’t think viewers would accept the lack of authenticity if a straight guy played a gay guy. It’s not a crime (to want to hire gay actors to play gays or people with disabilities to play these roles, editor’s note). There’s no reason to boo that, it’s just a way of asking that a modern film represent more authenticity.”

Here is the trailer forElviswhich will be released at the cinema on Wednesday:

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