Tom Hardy will be credited with the Venom 2 screenplay

“He is married to Venom, he loves this character,” comments screenwriter Kelly Marcel.

For the first time in his career, Tom hardy will be credited in the credits of a film for his participation in the script of Venom 2. Not as a screenwriter strictly speaking, but under the mention “story by”, which means he helped build the story with Kelly Marcel, who is she considered the official screenwriter for Andy Serkis’ superhero film.

“It’s new for him to be credited for that, yet his way of devoting himself fully to a film is nothing new, comments the person concerned toEmpire. He is 100% invested in everything he does. He is married to Venom, he loves this character. He’s very involved and is thinking about what might happen to him. “

The English magazine specifies that Marcel was already co-writer of the first part, with Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg, but that she will be the only one mentioned for the writing of the script of this sequel: “She’ll have all the credit for the storyline, but it grew out of her long and numerous conversations with Hardy, to find the exact way Venom and the chaotic Carnage symbiote could face off on screen.” “He doesn’t have to actually write, continues Kelly Marcel. We spent months building this story together on FaceTime, exchanging ideas, seeing what worked and what didn’t. Then I took everything we had talked about and worked on it for three quiet months and got this script out of it. “

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is due out on October 20 in theaters. Here is his trailer:

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