Tom Hardy’s first appearance? It was in Brothers in arms at 24

Tom Hardy's first appearance?  It was in Brothers in arms at 24

The Venom star debuted in 2001 in the Steven Spielberg series. The class!

Tom hardy will return this Sunday on TF1 in Venom, a spin-off of Spiderman in which he plays the double main role (the human Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote who invests his body). Then he will find this universe for this sequel, Let There Be Carnage, scheduled for October 20 at the cinema. This event release recalls the eclectic tastes of the 44-year-old British actor, who has constantly changed registers throughout his career.

After studying drama, Tom Hardy broke through in 2001, at the age of 24, both in television and in the cinema, being hired in quick succession to play soldiers in Band of Brothers, the military series produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, et The Fall of the Black Falcon, by Ridley Scott. The dissemination of Brothers in arms A few weeks before the release of the blockbuster, the role of John Janovek, although brief, marks his first appearance on the screen. From this first ambitious project, he also met some key players of his generation, such as Michael Fassbender, Colin Hanks, Dominic Cooper or James McAvoy.

Thereafter, Tom will regularly replay soldiers, especially in the miniseries Colditz, in 2005, and in Dunkirk, by Christopher Nolan, in 2017, but he also quickly showed his desire to diversify the roles, genres and types of shooting, easily moving from small English productions to Hollywood blockbusters.

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From 2002, he plays in particular in the saga of SF Star Trek facing Patrick Stewart. Yes Nemesis turns out to be an unloved episode of the franchise (to the point of having to reboot the story seven years later), Tom gains enough notoriety to chain projects, moving from thriller such as Layer Cake, by Matthew Vaughn, or RocknRolla, by Guy Ritchie, in the historical film by Sofia Coppola, Marie Antoinette, or the romantic comedy Love and consequence, in 2006.

In 2009, the first role of Bronson, a punch film by Nicolas Winding Refn, changes its status. Already considered a comedian to follow, he instantly becomes a key player, imposing his strength, his madness and his grunts so peculiar that he will not stop playing again afterwards. From this turning point, he carries more and more ambitious productions on his shoulders, like the boxing film Warrior or the well-crafted dramas Lawless men and When the night comes. He also accepts several outstanding supporting roles: in Inception, La Taupe Where The Dark Knight Rises, superhero film for which he muscle himself excessively and expresses himself in an even more unintelligible way than usual by threatening Batman through a mask.

In parallel, he also returns to television, bluffing in Peaky Blinders, then bearing his series Taboo, which he co-wrote, co-produced – with Ridley Scott – and in which he plays the title role. In 2015, he succeeded Mel Gibson as Mad Max for George Miller: Fury road marks its time for her feminism and incredibly well-staged action scenes. Then he faces a year after Leonardo DiCaprio in the Revenant, which receives the Oscar for best film. A busy career, therefore, of which he spoke in detail in First, at the time of the theatrical release of Venom. Here is his trailer:

Venom: big teeth, short film [critique]

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