Tom Hiddleston: “I love playing Loki, but I also need to try different roles”

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Pandora Movie – Exoskeleton Inc.

The actor returns this evening on Arte in Only Lovers Left Alive, with Tilda Swinton.

Tonight after The Countessby Julie Delpythe seventh channel will offer Only Lovers Left Alive, vampire film by Jim Jarmusch. To wait, we are republishing our interview with Tom Hiddlestonin which he spoke about this ambitious independent project, but also about his experience at Marvel.

Interview of February 18, 2014: It seems that you speak French better than Bradley Cooper. It’s true ? Oh good ? It’s up to you to tell me (in French)! I learned your language at school in England, from 10 to 16 years old. Then, I worked in France in a theatrical company and, more recently, I turned to you Midnight in Paris, edited by WoodyAllen. I try not to rust!

Is it Loki, the shadowy supervillain character you played in Thor and avengerswho gave Jim Jarmusch the idea to choose you for the role of a vampire? No, he hasn’t even seen those films! I just showed Jim a picture of me in avengers for him to realize what I looked like with black hair. As I am naturally blond, he was afraid it would look weird, but he was reassured.

Tom Hiddleston: “Joss Whedon, thank you for making Loki my Hans Gruber”

We imagine your meeting at nightfall in a Detroit harbor… (To laugh.) Not at all ! We saw each other over a cup of tea in a very cozy café in Manhattan. I was in the middle of promotion War Horse and about to start Henry V, a series for the BBC adapted from Shakespeare’s play. He asked me not to read the script and described the character to me as a “Hamlet who would be played by Syd Barrett”! It didn’t take much to convince me. Either way, I love it so much Down by Law, Dead Man and Night on Earth that I was conquered in advance.

Were you looking for an independent project to stretch your legs between two blockbusters? I don’t work like that. I don’t say to myself: “Here, I’m going to alternate big studio films and small indie projects. » I choose what motivates me when things happen. To be fit, you have to eat everything. Mixed diets are much healthier than high protein diets. And that goes for movies too. I’ve played a number of soldiers and superheroes before. There, Jim allowed me to embody romanticism and melancholy. Adam, my character, is a talented musician and a brilliant engineer. Music fascinates him as much as science. He loves particles that vibrate, whether stringed instruments or stars in the cosmos. As a spectator too, I want to eat everything: a romantic comedy like Proposalwith Sandra Bullock, and Antichristby Lars Von Trier.

Adam has an incredible look, halfway between vampire and rock star. Who were you inspired by? We studied photos of 60s rock stars like Syd Barrett, Mick Jagger – back in the day Performance (by Nicolas Roeg and Donald Cammell) – or Keith Richards. Adam had to be elegant, sophisticated, and at the same time wear period clothes that a Lord Byron would not have denied. As Jim wanted to give a rock aspect to the film, we also mentioned Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, Jimi Hendrix, Bach… In short, people imbued with this spirit. And then with Tilda (Swinton, his co-star in the film), we agreed that Adam and Eve should look like wolves. They are wild creatures that follow their animal instincts. Despite their erudition, they are not cerebral but react in a physical way and are capable of appetites, in every sense of the word.

From Snowpiercer to Doctor Strange: the transformations of the chameleon Tilda Swinton

We end up seeing them as specimens of an endangered species that we would like to save. Absolutely. Adam is fragile and delicate, he may be dying. Besides, it is possible that he no longer has a reason to live. By his Hamlet side, he has a certain tendency to melancholy and considers suicide as a possible escape. Eve is there to protect him. That’s also what interested me: transposing a romantic relationship into the context of immortality. Is this eternity a blessing or a curse? And then, in the end, what is an “old” couple?

The duo you form with Tilda Swinton makes all blood drinkers nerdy oldschool. Robert Pattinson is sent back to the Stone Age… It’s a Jim Jarmusch film and so, of course, it’s unconventional. The fact that the characters are vampires is almost secondary. They are above all musicians, poets or exiles. Tilda has a very interesting theory about Jim. She thinks that somehow all of her feature films are vampire movies. I believe she is right.

With Only Lovers Left Alive, Jim Jarmusch revisits the myth of Adam and Eve in vampire fashion [critique]

Between the aftermath of Thor and D’avengers, you are going to be busy for the next five years. Do you apprehend? Let’s be clear: I love playing Loki. He is an extraordinary character who is superiorly intelligent and emotionally very complex. He embodies evil but, at the same time, his eyes sparkle and we sense a lot of suffering in him. Each time I step into his shoes again, I try to interpret him differently, to make him evolve. Loki is a god, he has no age. Just like Adam, who has lived for centuries. He has an incredible past and this memory that he carries around with him is fascinating to embody. Now that I know I’m going to be Loki for five or six months out of the year, I have to make sure I choose different roles in between, and movie budgets have nothing to do with that. Acting is like playing the piano. The 88 keys of the keyboard allow you to create a multitude of different melodies. Some actors prefer to interpret only one aria throughout their career and may even excel in this exercise. Me, I want to try the whole keyboard, even if it means crashing!

Awesome footage from Tom Hiddleston’s audition for the role… of Thor

If you were a vampire, who would you want to bite? Oh, I love this question! Wait, I have to think… It would have to be someone who has poetry because it’s a quality that gets lost. Someone who wants to continue to learn and grow all their life and who uses this immortality responsibly, but without being afraid to take advantage of it. Thom Yorke (singer and leader of Radiohead). David Bowie. And then a woman, of course: Tilda!

Interview Stephanie Lamome

Trailer ofOnly Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch, with Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton and Mia Wasikowska:

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