Tom Holland at McFly & Carlito (plus Pierre Niney as a guest!)

Tom Holland at McFly and Carlito for Uncharted

French Youtubers played Pic Pirate with the actor, in the middle of a promotional campaign for Uncharted.

Passing through Paris to promote his new film Unchartedadapted from the video game series of the same name, the actor Tom Holland found himself on a rooftop on the Champs-Élysées playing with the two most famous French Youtubers, McFly and Carlito. On the program: part of Pic Pirate with pledges at stake.

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And because one superhero calls another, the actor Pierre Niney also came to make an appearance, as Leaf-Man. Irony for the French who had refused to pass the castings of the Weaver for fear of joining the Marvel franchise for six years. It was therefore not in Peter Parker’s costume that Niney came to shake Tom Holland’s hand, but to present his “Great” imagined during a previous video with McFly and Carlito. A hero who should (soon) have his own moment in the cinema: a film would indeed be in writing.

In the meantime, the public will be able to find Niney at the cinema in Goliathin theaters March 9.

Feuille-Man: the joke of Pierre Niney, McFLy and Carlito soon to be real?

Thus, after touring with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence when they came to present Bad Boys III in Paris, the duo adds to their list of American stars Tom Holland, leading the box office with their new film. Having become a must for US stars visiting Paris, McFly and Carlito are not immune to shooting new videos with other celebrities. They have also been referred to as “most extraordinary people” that Tom Holland could have met in his life: this is what the actor said during the preview ofUncharted at the Grand Rex on February 15th.

Released last week Uncharted is signed by Ruben Fleischer and is already dominating the box office, making Tom Holland one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors. It is alongside Mark Wahlberg that the young British of 25 years embodies Nathan Drake, daredevil treasure hunter, in this first part of a perhaps future franchise of blockbusters. The film has been in theaters since February 16. Its trailer:

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