Tom Holland will return to Spider-Man after No Way Home, says Amy Pascal

The producer talks about three future films with Holland as the Weaver.

In full promotion of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will arrive in French theaters on December 15, Tom holland made fans tremble when he mentioned his urge to hang up the Spider-Man costume. In the columns of First, he suggests outright that he could quit acting! But, if one believes Amy Pascal, who produced the three Spideys with Holland, it will not be for now.

Spider-Man – Tom Holland: “Do I want to be an actor for the rest of my life?” [exclu]

This isn’t the last movie we’re gonna do with Marvel“, she told the Fandango site. “This is not the last Spider-Man movie. We’re getting ready to do the next Spider-Man with Tom Holland and Marvel. There were three films, and now we’re going to focus on the next three. This isn’t the last of our MCU movies. Marvel and Sony will continue to collaborate as partners“.

How to interpret this exit of Amy Pascal, which comes a few days after the statements of Tom Holland? While the actor’s contract theoretically ends with No Way Home, the producer is either very well informed about the current negotiations, or she is bluffing to calm things down or put pressure on Holland as the film approaches. “If I play Spider-Man after I turn 30, it’s because I screwed up”, recently explained the actor to GQ. Knowing that he is 25 years old, it leaves him room to appear a handful of times in the cinema in the role of the Weaver.

In addition, Amy Pascal refuses to say more about the possibility of seeing Tom Holland appear in other films of the Spider-Man universe, such as Venom or Mobius, which is due to make his debut on January 22 with Jared Leto. in the title role. Ditto for a possible live action crossover with Miles Morales, the iteration seen in the cinema in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Pascal promises in any case that we will soon have images of the sequel to the animated film that seduced us so much in 2018.

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