Tom seen by Fabienne Berthaud

Fabienne Berthaud adapts a best-seller of children’s literature by Barbara Constantine and depicts a unique mother-son relationship. Meet

What made you want to adapt Tom little man little man Tomthe best-selling children’s literature by Barbara Constantine?

Fabienne Berthaud: I owe it to Khamsa Productions who bought the rights and asked me to adapt it. To be honest, I had never heard of the book but from the first pages, I was totally taken by the story of Joss, this mother who raises her 11 year old son, Tom, alone in a mobile home. at the edge of a forest, in a singular and sensitive relationship that will come to shake up the arrival of one of Joss’s exes. Firstly because I have always liked to go through the prism of childhood, this great mystery that it represents for us adults since even if we have all been there, we have also never ceased to away from the unique perception of life one has at that age. And then because Tom little man little man Tom also echoed a book that I had written long before making the cinema: Pain all over. The story of a mother and her 10-year-old son, whose father had left. But this story was so dark and toxic that it seemed to me impossible to put into pictures. tom allowed me to tell the same thing but in a more solar and more human way. The mother of this 11-year-old child, this Joss, I knew her. It’s as if I revealed it from another angle, if I finally enlightened it.

Why did you choose to entrust this role to Nadia Tereskiewicz?

Again, I owe it to others. In this case to my Haut et Court distributors for whom Nadia had just shot in the series Possessions. I had never seen her play but a meeting in a café and a reading were enough for me. I wondered who was this fiery redcurrant-raspberry, full of freshness in front of me! (laughs)

Nadia Tereszkiewicz fully fits into the family of your heroines, all blondes, from Frankie to A bigger world Passing by Barefoot on slugs and Sky. Is it on purpose?

You are not wrong ! (laughs) A physical family indeed emerges from all these actresses: Diane Kruger, Ludivine Sagnier, Cécile de France and therefore Nadia. But nothing is ever premeditated with me. It’s true that to portray Tom’s mother, I could have imagined Ludivine in the role. Except it was immediately obvious to me that Joss must be in his twenties. This same story, told with an older woman, would have been pathetic. I would never have been able to film her if she had behaved as she behaves when she was old enough to have understood the things of existence. I needed a young girl whose clumsiness can be excused. Joss is still a teenager in her head. And it was important to show that Tom at 11 is almost more mature than her. But your question makes me say that one day I would love to bring Diane, Ludivine, Cécile and Nadia together and make a film of them!

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