Tomer Sisley at the Don’t Look Up Cast: “I’ve Rarely Been So Free”

The French actor tells us about his adventure in the middle of the unbelievable cast formed by Adam McKay.

The sexiest cast of the year is on Netflix: Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Cat Blanchett, Jonah Hill… Don’t throw any more. Don’t look up: Cosmic Denial Adam McKay tells the story of the quest of two astronomers embarked on a gigantic media tour to warn humanity that a comet is heading towards Earth and is about to destroy it. Except nobody cares. A hilarious satire in which Tomer Sisley also participated, as a very respectable journalist. Meeting, on the eve of the film’s release on Netflix.

Don’t look up: Cosmic Denial, an irresistible joke demonstration [critique]

It is becoming increasingly rare that Hollywood manages to bring together so many stars in a film. How does it feel to be in a cast like this? You looked on a little cloud at the first of Don’t look up At New York.

I would be lying if I told you I don’t mind (Laughs.) You know, I do all my stunts, I am a helicopter pilot, I jump thirty meters in airbags, I free fall … I am more difficult to impress than someone else as a rule. . But it’s true that being on stage with Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Ron Perlman … the list is endless. This is completely crazy ! I fully appreciate how lucky I am, and I revel in it (Laughs.)

How did you get on this project?

By a casting we can not be more normal. Adam McKay saw me in the Netflix series Messiah and gave me the opportunity to have this audition.

The attraction for you, was it the signing of Adam McKay or the cast?

The casting was the second Kiss Cool effect, because I didn’t know about it. So it was mostly about being on a project with Adam McKay, and when I read the script, I realized it wasn’t just any project with Adam McKay. And then I started to hear things like, ” Maybe we’ll have Jennifer Lawrence “,” maybe Leonardo DiCaprio “,” maybe Meryl Streep … It was amazing to see the stuff swell like that. An anecdote: at the premiere in New York, Adam McKay announces all the actors present on stage, including Ron Perlman, who is next to me. The guy still has a career fifteen times more impressive than mine! He turns to me: “ Man, pinch me, I can’t believe I’m here with all these guys “. And there, I tell myself that even if this guy has this feeling, I can only make myself very small and enjoy the moment.

Satire very rarely exists on such a scale. The problem is, after Trump and during a pandemic, we have long gone Idiocracy… What did McKay tell you when he pitched the movie to you?

It is true that today, nothing seems improbable! Moreover, it is the subtitle: ” A film based on truly probable events “. In fact, we talked a bit about the screenplay but especially about the character I play, and about the real CNN journalist on which he relied to write it, Fareed Zakaria. It’s a real guarantee in the news world, and that’s what I’m meant to represent. After that, I just had to turn on CNN and watch my character do their job for a living.

Don't Look Up

What kind of director is Adam McKay? Someone who sets a very strict framework or who is on the contrary open to suggestions?

He is very open to proposals. The first thing we do is act out the scene on set before he even decides how he’s going to film it. Almost verbatim as it is written in the script. And once the cameramen and the cinematographer agree with Adam on how to film it, we agree to one, two or three takes where we move a little further from the text. As Adam is particularly prepared, and knows exactly where he wants to go, he can allow himself this freedom. I have rarely been as free as on this shoot.

Do you learn something about your profession by watching an actor like DiCaprio play?

Not really. Leo has his way of playing, which is a little different from Jennifer Lawrence, which is completely different from Meryl Streep, etc. What’s great is dealing with people who have so much experience because everything is simpler. Everything is going faster, and all is well. It’s easier to pass the ball back to someone on top than to someone who’s going to put every other ball in the net. Now what I love to do is watch how they work. And realize that there is not only one rule, only one way of doing things. What I have long thought. I believed in the “Method”, and in fact, there are a thousand methods.

Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial, December 24 on Netflix. Trailer :

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