Tomer Sisley is already filming season 5 of Balthazar for TF1


And I promise, it won’t necessarily be the last.

While the season 4 finale of Balthazar will be broadcast tonight on TF1, season 5 is already in sight. Ordered, it even began filming in mid-March. A shoot that will take several months and should be finished at the end of the summer, which will certainly allow Balthazar to return in early spring 2023 (although the release date is yet to be announced).

In any case, Tomer Sisley ensures that this season 5 of Balthazar will not necessarily be the last, as he had implied in 50 minutes Inside. Returning to his remarks, he entrusts to Sud Radio these days-this : “We don’t know yet if it will be the last. Maybe there will be a sixth season, we don’t know… We don’t know when it will end. Above all, we apply ourselves to try to renew ourselves.”

More concretely, the audiences of Balthazar, they have dropped somewhat since the start of season 4, falling below the bar of 6 million viewers and even 5 million sometimes. But this drop was expected, following the departure of Hélène de Fougerolles and the detective series remains a safe bet for TF1.

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