Tomorrow War 2: a sequel with Chris Pratt already in discussion

Director Chris McKay is also reportedly back at the helm.

After a fanfare start in streaming, The Tomorrow War may not have won the war yet. Bought at a gold price from Paramount by Amazon Prime Video, the time-based sci-fi blockbuster should be entitled to a sequel according to The Hollywood Reporter, who reports the info and who Chris Pratt will once again headline this Tomorrow War 2.

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THR specifies that the whole crew of the film will be there again, with director Chris McKay behind the camera as well, but also screenwriter Zach Dean and much of the original cast, from Yvonne Strahovski to JK Simmons to Betty Gilpin and Sam Richardson.

Skydance and Amazon will once again be behind the project. No filming date mentioned for the moment and we are still awaiting the official announcement from Prime Video.

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