Too much streaming, too many series? The American public admits to being “overwhelmed”

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A recent survey notes the proliferation of content on platforms. 817,000 unique programs were thus available last February in the USA…

We know that more than 550 American series were broadcast across the Atlantic last year. A huge figure, which grows at the same time as the multiplication of platforms streaming, always looking for content to attract new subscribers. The trend does not seem destined to reverse and the viewer begins to be overwhelmed.

A feeling shared spontaneously by audiences around the world for some time, and which takes a more concrete form in a new study conducted to USA by Nielsen and relayed by THR. It thus reveals that almost half of the users of streaming of the United States feel “overwhelmed“by the number of programs offered by the various services.

The survey announces that 46% of consumers of streaming feel overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of platforms and titles available to them. And for good reason, last February, Nielsen listed nearly 817,000 unique programs (series, films, specials and others) available through the services of streamingan increase of 26.5% (171,000 additional titles) since the end of 2019.

In parallel with this proliferation of content, the time spent in front of the screens of streaming is soaring: the consumption of streaming totaled 169.4 billion minutes in February in the United States, according to Nielsen, an increase of 18% compared to the previous year, knowing that the streaming corresponds to only 28% of the total television use (during the last 10 months).

Yet most people who say to themselves “overwhelmed” do not want to switch off. Paradoxically, 93% of them say they want to keep the services of streaming available to them, or even add others during the year. Because nearly 20% of Americans – questioned during this survey – subscribe to four streaming or more ! Which also means that, if viewers feel “overwhelmed” by the mass of content, it is because they try to see everything or at least to see as much as possible, instead of selecting and choosing wisely.

At Nielsen, we analyze these figures by explaining that the streaming is at a crossroads and must mutate: “We have entered the next phase of the streaming, We have gone from infancy to adolescence, and all the complexities one would expect at that time. It’s not just that the streaming grows year by year. Consumers now want simplified access and the explosion of services has reignited discussions around the grouping and aggregation of content. Ultimately, these challenges signal an opportunity as the industry harnesses the streaming for long-term business growth.

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