Top Gun 2: Miles Teller addicted to jet fuel, Tom Cruise’s reaction is legendary!

Top Gun: Miles Teller addicted to jet fuel, Tom Cruise's reaction is legendary!

“I was very hot and starting to scratch like crazy. Covered in pimples. So I saw a doctor and did a blood test…”

On the poster of Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller come back today on Netflix in Spiderhead, a thriller also directed by Joseph Kosinski. Guest on the Seth Meyers talk show to talk about it, the actor said he was afraid for his health on the set of the film with Tom Cruise. Like his colleagues, he had to undergo intensive sports training before he could board a fighter plane, piloted by a professional. Except that unlike the other actors, he discovered on board the craft that he was having an allergic reaction! “When we landed, I said to myself: ‘Dude, I’m not feeling very well.’, he explains. I was very hot and started scratching like crazy. So I got off the plane, and there I was covered in pimples. From head to toes. So I saw a doctor and did a blood test. I was very ill that night: I have sensitive skin, it must be admitted, Irish-Scottish skin.” Once the results of the analysis were received, Miles Teller understood why he had developed this hives all over his body: pesticides and jet fuel had been found in his blood.

Miles continues: “I went back to the set the next day, and Tom asked me: ‘So how did it go, Miles? What did they find?’ I answered him : ‘Well, Tom, turns out I had fuel in my blood.’ And there, tit for tat, he replies: ‘Yeah, I was born with that in my blood, kid.’ Here is my ‘time with tom’it’s typical with him.”

Top Gun: Maverick is still showing. Here is its trailer, filled with spectacular action scenes aboard fighter jets:

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