Top Gun 2 pays tribute to Tony Scott: “He didn’t get the recognition he deserved”

“He is with us now and watches over us.”

Over the credits of Top Gun 2you will certainly have noticed this little note: “In memory of Tony Scott“.

A welcome mention to the director of the first opus of 1986, who ended his life in August 2012 and who was working at that time on this aerial sequel.

For producer Jerry Bruckheimer, it was unimaginable not to pay tribute to him: “He’s with us now and watching over us. It’s sad that he can’t be here, but I think Joseph (Kosinski, the director of Top Gun Maverick) did a phenomenal job of daring to start from the work that Tony had done“, he confided to THR at the world premiere in San Diego.

Members of Scott’s family were also present that day, for the event on the red carpet.

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Author Christopher McQuarrie, screenwriter of Top Gun: Maverickadds in the process that Tom Cruise organized a special private screening for Tony’s brother, Ridley Scott, as soon as the film was finished.

We’re all here thanks to Tony. You must remember that in 1986, when you saw Top Gun, Top Gun was not yet Top Gun ! Movies weren’t what they are now and Top Gun shook things up in Hollywood and that’s largely down to Tony. When Tony was going full throttle, there was no one better. Unfortunately, I believe that during his lifetime he never really got the recognition he deserved as an influential and powerful filmmaker.”

Certainly Tony Scott would be delighted today with the cardboard of Top Gun: Maverick at the box office already surpassing $300 million worldwide in one week.

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