Top Gun: Maverick is already shaping up to be the best start to Tom Cruise’s career

Top Gun: Maverick is already shaping up to be the best start to Tom Cruise's career

l could pass the 100 million dollars in revenue in its first weekend. A first for the Mission: Impossible star.

Shortly after its event screening at Cannes, Top Gun: Maverick released today in the United States, and box office specialists are predicting an excellent start. Beyond 100 million dollars, even up to 125 million, writes the HollyWood Reporterwho explains that if this start is verified this weekend in the American classification, it will be the best of the entire career of Tom Cruise ! So far, the actor has had his biggest box office hits thanks to War of the Worldswhich earned $64.9 million when it was released in 2005, but also the last Mission: Impossible, Falloutwith 61.2 million receipts in the first weekend, in 2018.

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These excellent predictions are explained by the high expectation generated by this film. maverick released in cinemas 36 years later Top Gun. For two years, it has continued to be postponed due to the global epidemic of Covid-19. The star stipulated in his contract that it was to be offered exclusively on the big screen during a long broadcast window, whereas at the moment the studios offer their productions for streaming after only 45 days in theaters in the United States (for Paramount, Universal…), even 30 days for Warner Bros. A bet for the cinema, which prompted Paramount to offer Top Gun 2 in 4,732 American theaters, a large distribution. This week, previews were also offered all over the country in cinemas equipped with technologies offering better images (Imax projections) or better sound (Dolby Cinema). Critics unanimously hail his impressive staging, especially that of his scenes aboard fighter planes, and the studio is clearly betting on the aspect “big show” to make people want to go to the cinema.

In the world, it has favored a global release, except in certain Asian countries and in Russia, since since the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin, Paramount no longer wants to release new releases in the country. Top Gun: Maverick is therefore released in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and even Japan this week. South Korean audiences will have to wait a fortnight to see it on the big screen, and China hasn’t set a release date yet, but the sequel is expected to air in the country, which potentially represents a wide wide audience. With this strategy, the film should have earned around $200 million worldwide by the end of the weekend. We’ll see on Monday if these predictions come true…

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