Top Gun Maverick: listen to the artificial voice of Val Kilmer

This is how we could hear Iceman in the sequel to Top Gun.

As soon as the filming of the sequel to Top Gun, Val Kilmer was a candidate on Twitter, posing proudly in an Iceman t-shirt: “I’m ready Tom, I still have my Top Gun plate. I’m still in the game!“A call of the foot paying since he was indeed hired for Top Gun: Maverick. But, a mystery remained until now: how the actor, who has lost the use of his voice due to throat cancer, can he act in a film?

In Val, the documentary which caused a sensation in Cannes, it is his son who lends him his voice. But, in the new Top Gun it’s Kilmer that we could hear on the screen. Or rather a reconstructed version of his voice made with the help of artificial intelligence. He collaborated with the British start-up Sonantic, which used archives to give him a voice. And the result, shared a few weeks ago on YouTube, is quite impressive:

We often hear this phrase … ‘have your creative voice‘. But I was struck by throat cancer“Val Kilmer says in the video.”After my treatment, my voice, as I knew it, was gone. People around me found it hard to understand me when I spoke. But despite all that, I feel like I’m still exactly the same person… But today, I can express myself again.

Has this technology been used for its role in Top Gun: Maverick, where Tom “Iceman” Kazansky would appear as the rumored Admiral? Nothing has been officially announced, but we have seen others in Hollywood, where digital rejuvenation has almost become commonplace, despite some criticism of the morality of the process. And it is difficult to see by what other means Kilmer could fulfill his role?

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