Tout Simplement Noir – Jean-Pascal Zadi: “In the end, being black doesn’t mean anything”

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Simply Black
Micro Films

We met the two directors (and actor) of Tout Simplement Noir: Jean-Pascal Zadi and John Wax.

Released during the summer of 2020 at the cinema, Simply Black, returns this evening on Canal +, in encrypted form. This comedy has received good reviews, both for its hot topic, and for its devastating and uninhibited humor. However, it would be a shame to reduce the film to a rant on anti-racism and the condition of blacks in French society (and cinema) or to an aerophage of guests (all very good indeed).

Quite simply black: “Michel Leeb had agreed to play in the film”

Jean-Pascal Zadi and John wax have indeed had the intelligence (or not) to go beyond their subject to go towards a pure entertainment that is eyeing The Office or even South Park, there are worse comparisons ….

With its rough side and stacked scenes, Simply Black undoubtedly enjoys the communicative energy of Jean-Pascal Zadi and the very mockumentary style by Jean-Pascal Zadi and John Wax. We met them to talk about it.

Quite simply black: a hilarious and oh so topical comedy [critique]

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