Towards a Walking Dead spin-off on Negan: Jeffrey Dean Morgan says more

Negan Walking dead

“I had discussions with the people at the channel about this …”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan arrived in the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. And since then, he has continued to gain momentum within the series. So much so that Negan is almost today the central character. In any case the most interesting character of the season 11 finale.

So necessarily, Jeffrey Dean Morgan would like to go a little further, in a spin-off, still hypothetical, but far from being completely outlandish: “I had discussions with the people of the channel about this … We’ll see. Because if it turns out, Negan will end Season 11 six feet under! So that could be a big problem … After that, I think there are more stories to tell with Negan. Seen comments the current season unfolds so far, we’ve opened up some gaps for more Negan stories ”, insists the actor in TVLine.

The Walking Dead, season 11: why Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t mean “Glenn”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is thoroughly. Because he “love negan“. According to him, “there is an incredible opportunity to delve much deeper into this man who I think has become very interesting in recent years. I’m certainly not against keeping him alive a little longer and learning more about him. “

But the actor wants to explore his future, not his past life. Morgan has no plans to bring out the bat to smash new skulls, in a series about the founding of the Saviors. “I’m going to be very honest with you, if I had to do more I would like to move this story forward and not back. I loved the flashback to the “Here’s Negan” episode. We’ve got that covered now. We could still do a short story about the birth of the Saviors, which would be interesting. But I’m more excited about Negan’s future. We have shown its different sides over the past few years. Now I would like to see, after this whole thing, the show ends, what will happen to it next. I find this possibility much more interesting than going back in time. “

Negan would still have to survive season 11 of Walking dead, which will continue on Sunday evening on AMC and in France on OCS in US + 24.

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