Trailer of Super Crooks, a Netflix animated boosted to supervillains!

Super Crooks

A new Japanese animated series that promises to send heavy weight to the superpowers genre …

This year, we were able to discover a scathing animated variant of superheroes, with Invincible (on Prime Video). Super Crooks will be in a similar vein and put the focus on supervillains, in a pretty cool manga style, judging by the trailer. A Japanese anime adapted from comics written by Mark Miller and illustrated by Leinnil Francis Yu (published in 2012):

“Luck has never been on their side, but a bunch of petty crooks with superpowers are going to be recruited by none other than Johnny Bolt, to attempt a final heist. Their target: an overpowered and ruthless crime boss. could possibly go wrong? “

An action-packed story centered around 8 super-villains. Super Crooks will make 13 30-minute episodes, which will be released on November 25, on Netflix. Note that Mark Millar recently said that Netflix was tempted by a live action adaptation of its Super Crooks

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