Trainspotting available in series: Robert Carlyle will be back in Begbie

The Blade Artist is inspired by another novel by Irvine Welsh published in 2016.

25 years after the release of Trainspotting, Deadline reveals that the film will be entitled to a new sequel, in series. In 2017, Danny Boyle reunited with Ewan McGregor (Rent Boy), Ewen Bremner (Spud), Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy) and Robert Carlyle (Begbie) for T2, the sequel to his cult film, very loosely inspired by Porn, the book by Irivine Welsh which pursued the misadventures of the Scottish band of friends, published in 2002. This time it’s The Blade Artist (The Artist with a Knife), unveiled by the author in 2016, which will be adapted for the small screen. And it’s Robert carlyle who will be the star, because the novel essentially follows Francis Begbie, who must return to Edinburgh when he learns of the death of his son, some twenty years after the events of Trainspotting. If he barely knew him, coming back to bury him will awaken all the violence he had managed to control over the years.

The series does not yet have a broadcaster, but it will be developed by Buccaneer Media, which produces Marcella and Crime, among others. Robert Carlyle and Irvine Welsh will be the executive producers. “The prospect of working with Irvine again and bringing Francis Begbie back once again is an absolute gift”, commented the 60-year-old actor. An expectation shared by the author: “Begbie is Begbie, and Robert is a longtime friend who brought him to life on screen with his incendiary incarnation of the character, very inspiring. To say I can’t wait to see him on this project is a pleonasm.”

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