Transformers 7 will be called Rise of the Beasts, and here’s what we know

The feature film will be inspired by the 1990s series Animutants, which introduced prehistoric Transformers …

Now we know everything there is to know about the seventh film in the franchise transformers ! To mark the launch of production, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura unveiled the official title of this new opus: it will be Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

A title that directly refers to the animated series of the 1990s, Beast wars (or Animators in French) which lasted 52 episodes until 1996. Canon in the saga of transformers, she introduced us to new robotic creatures, namely the Maximals and Predacons, descendants of Autobots and Decepticons respectively. Of transformers prehistoric, in short, which we will therefore find in the film as the official synopsis tease:

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will take the audience on an international adventure, during the 90s and will present the Maximals, Predacons and Terrorcons, which will add to the existing battle on land between Autobots and Decepticons!

“One of the most important things we were trying to do with this film is give the audience a lot of new stuff.“, explains Lorenzo di Bonaventura.”Our desire was to find a new set of villains and priorities … Saving the world will remain the prerogative of Autobots and Maximals. But if you’ve seen the other movies, you’ll also see villains here that you’ve never seen before, Autobots you’ve never seen before… Lucky for us, transformers has many tribes. There is a big base of characters. And this film will bring together a lot of these tribes. “

Transformers 7 will take place between New York and Peru and will follow Optimus Prime in the form of G1 robot in the 90s, freshly arrived on Earth.

In the process, director Steven Caple Jr, who will take over the reins of a saga he devoured as a child by stinging his cousin’s VHS, believes that Rise of the Beasts will always have the same theme at heart: “Dealing with robots, dealing with humans and creating that bond… it’s all about emotion and it all depends on where we can take our new characters! “

“What’s interesting about transformersis that there are different races, I would say, of transformers. Beast Wars is one of them. There were these animals, well these robots in animal form and we have included them here in our movie. These will be [robots] prehistoric ones that sort of travel in time and space and we find them here on Earth. I won’t say more.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts hits theaters in June 2022.

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