Transport leads Series Mania through the twists and turns of a thick European thriller (review)


The first Finnish series to be selected in official competition, this “Nordic noir” thriller takes the form of an imposing feminine journalistic investigative thriller.

A baby nearly suffocates on an electronic chip found in his mash… Arrested by the nursemaid of the crèche, a tenacious young journalist without a spear on the trail of illicit horse trafficking in Europe, which will lead her to in Belgium and will make him cross paths with a banker and an investigator for insurance.

The horse meat health scandal, which shook the whole of the old continent in 2013, inspires this journalistic thriller steeped in ambition. First scriptwriting, since Transport multiplies the intrigues to better cross them and show the fight of three ordinary women, entangled in a business which exceeds them. They are not superwomen. They are full of flaws. Not necessarily the most competent, but their strength of character and their astonishing determination give substance to this long-term investigation.

Transport takes its time to set up its dense and nebulous business, and sometimes lacks a little rhythm, compensated by a meticulously thought out visual atmosphere, a “computer-black” style, as its creator, Auli Mantila calls it, which changes traditional cold Nordic thrillers. After the victory of the Icelandic Blackportcrowned Best Series of Series Mania in 2021, and the emergence of a host of Danish-Swedish series (Bron, Borgen…) these last years, Transport makes us discover another facet of Scandinavian creation.

Transport will be broadcast from Friday evening in Finland and does not yet have a broadcaster in France.

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