Triple alliance, with Cameron Diaz, is formidably effective [critique]

Triple Alliance
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Leslie Mann is one of the most unjustly under-exploited lethal weapons in American comedy.

Girly comedy Triple Alliance, produced by Nick cassavetes (She’s so Lovely, never forget) arrives this Sunday on TF1, and has the good idea to bring together on screen three actresses who are very friends in the city: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate upton, who took great pleasure in touring together. Their bond explodes in the film!

The story of Triple Alliance : Carly discovers that her new boyfriend Marc is an impostor, when she accidentally meets his wife, Kate. Carly takes a liking to her, and their unlikely friendship grows even stronger when they realize that Marc is cheating on them both with another woman, Amber. The three women will join forces and develop a ruthless plot for revenge.

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Here is our criticism: We are not going to lie to each other, if this Triple Alliance exists, it is obviously more for gleefully surfing the success of My best friends than for the beauty of art. The seams are apparent, starting with the cast: an international star, Cameron Diaz, to flatter the box office; Mrs. Apatow in Town, Leslie Mann, for the hip comedy bond; and finally the model Kate Upton in her first important role in the cinema, just to spice up the promo. Immerse this trio of spicy blondes in a plot resembling the catchphrase of a women’s magazine (“Can you be friends with your husband’s mistresses?”), Add a good dose of girl power (the adulterous husband damn morfler) and you get one of those expertly millimeter Hollywood products that, at times, can turn out to be overwhelmingly effective. This is the case with Nick Cassavetes’ new film (She’s So Lovely, Never Forget). The director has been able to step aside in favor of popular entertainment, the great idea of ​​which is to have entrusted Leslie Mann with the role of the woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. At the end of several epic scenes – including an epic drinking bout with an acrobatic conclusion – the actress proves once again that she is one of the most unfairly under-exploited lethal weapons in American comedy.

The trailer for Triple Alliance, which will be followed by another comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Sex tape, at 11:10 p.m .:

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