Triple gallop revenge, a thoroughbred crime by Alex Lutz (review)

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Revenge at the Triple Gallop - review
Canal +

The director of Guy and 5th Set signs a unitary which has nothing to envy the best soap operas of the 1980s. To see this evening on C +.

With Revenge at the triple gallop, which will be broadcast this evening on Canal + in prime time, Alex Lutz makes an insert on the big screen to return to the airwaves and offer a unitary inspired by the most kitsch intrigues that television has known. Bringing together in front of the camera an extraordinary cast, made up of the cream of French cinema (Audrey Lamy, Leïla Bekhti, Marion Cotillard, Guillaume Gallienne and François Civil to name a few), Lutz directs with Arthur Sanigou a TV movie capable of outstripping Love glory and beauty and to revive in our minds the golden age of the 1980s.

Unitarian parody of the old audiovisual serials where incredible wigs, bad American accents and improbable stunts are at the rendezvous, Revenge at the triple gallop is in line with the parody creations of Canal +, of which recently The flame marked success. Never falling into the grotesque and on the contrary, using the clichés he draws inspiration from, Lutz films colorful characters who always have the right word and who do not hesitate to leave their classic frame for even more. effect. The first of these characters is Stéphanie Harper (Audrey Lamy, to whom the film is dedicated), heiress who became extremely wealthy when her father died. A wealth that Craig Daners (Alex Lutz), a fast walking athlete, hopes to seize by marrying the young Stéphanie, known for her ungrateful physique. With the help of Crystal Clear (Leïla Bekhti), Stéphanie’s best friend, he will try to take possession of the heiress’s millions. But that was without counting on Stéphanie’s tenacity, and her many resources. Finally, more than a film about an almost perfect crime, it is above all a rebirth in question: that of Stéphanie, who will put everything in order to recover her fortune and make Craig pay for her affront. A simple plot, which sometimes relies too much on its characters and their actors, but without ever revealing a wrong note. It’s very simple: we want more.

Presented today at the La Rochelle festival, dedicated to audiovisual fiction, Revenge at the triple gallop will be available on Canal + from October 4.

Guy – Alex Lutz: “I am very boring about hair and makeup”

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