Triplets: Arnold Schwarzenegger gives an update on the sequel to Twins

The sudden death of Ivan Reitman complicated everything, but the project still exists.

Last September, the director Ivan Reitman embarked on a series of Twins, 30 years later. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito were to reprise their roles, accompanied by Tracy Morgan as third brother, in a comedy titled Triplets.

The Ghostbusters mourn Ivan Reitman

But the filmmaker’s sudden death last month turned everything upside down. During a recent appearance at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave an update on the project. The actor explains that he is not abandoned, even if everything is obviously called into question:

“We had this setback. The man who was [cens√©] to manage Tripletsthe one who made the first TwinsIvan Reitman, has sadly passed away…” he explains to the audience. “So you know now, we’re just waiting for this all to settle down. Then we will review the project. We should logically start filming in October. So it could still be the case you know… But now we have to find another director and above all ask ourselves if we really want to make this film without Ivan…”

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