True Lies is back: trailer for the film’s remake series

Steve Howey succeeds Arnold Schwarzenegger and Thierry Lhermitte as the spy who lied to his wife…

Thirty years after the release of The total in the cinema in France, Claude Zidi’s film continues to make small in the USA. We obviously remember the True Lies of james cameronwhich was a hit in 1994, grossing nearly $400 million at the worldwide box office.

Here is the series version today, commissioned by the American channel CBS and of which we discover the first trailer today, which shows a lot and certainly a little too much:

Steve Howey, badass of Shameless and Sons of Anarchy, who therefore succeeds Arnold Schwarzenegger and Thierry Lhermitte in the skin of this secret service agent, who leads a double life, lying to his wife all day long while he plays spies. The wife in question will be played by Ginger Gonzaga, who thus takes over from Jamie Lee Curtis and Miou-Miou, in the skin of this suburban housewife who dreams of adventure and who is going to be served.

New True Liesproduced by james cameronis written by Matt Nix, to whom we owe the not very successful X-Men series, The Gifted. The pilot was directed by Anthony Hemingway. The series will not air until 2023 on CBS in the USA.

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