True Lies: Jamie Lee Curtis’ fall during tango scene kept on edit

Jamie Lee Curtis / True Lies
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The actress also stumbles in her famous striptease scene.

Dance has pride of place in True Lies, to see again this evening on NRJ12. Released in 1994, the action comedy by James cameron on the double life of computer scientist and secret agent Harry Tasker (played by Arnold schwarzenegger), opens and ends with a majestic tango, and has one of the most memorable striptease scenes in the history of the 7th art. The sequence that interests us is the one that closes the film. We can see Harry Tasker dancing a tango more frenzied than ever with his wife Hellen (Jamie lee curtis). Rose stuck between your teeth, smoldering gaze, tuxedo and slit dress… all the ingredients are there to make this scene a cult moment in cinema.

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To achieve it, the famous duo had to train very hard and for several months. In an interview filmed for Vanity Fair, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the famous scene and reveals that his fall was kept during the editing (from 13 minutes).

Arnold and I rehearsed the tango for months before shooting the last scene in the movie, she remembers. Two days before the shoot, we had to review the choreography a bit. My quads were completely ‘burnt’ from the effort, because I had to do a lot of lunges during the reps. The next day I woke up and could hardly walk. My muscles were dead and we had to shoot the scene over and over and over again. And you will see that at the end of the dance, I can no longer stand up and I slip. And I was so angry that he (James Cameron) decided to keep the scene in the movie, because my ego wanted this tango to be fabulous. But what was great was that this fall was typical of Hellen, my character. “

The actress can also be seen stumbling into the cult striptease scene. As Hellen’s character clings to a bar on the bed as if it were a pole dance bar, the actress falls backwards. Unlike the tango scene and what the legend would like, this scene is not spontaneous. For the record, the fall was an idea of ​​James Cameron. As the scene is being shot, Arnold Schwarzenegger – who was unaware of the deception – can be seen abruptly sitting up in surprise. This moment was kept during the edit.

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