Twist in Bamako: love and freedom in Robert Guédiguian’s new film [bande-annonce]

“The energy of youth must be channeled and must be used for more than jiggling.”

Three years later Gloria mundi, Robert Guédiguian leaves the Phocaean city he loves so much and films love in Africa, in his new feature film Twist in Bamako. This title, the 23rd of his filmography, tells about Mali in 1962. The country tastes its newly acquired independence and the youth of Bamako dance whole nights on the twist from France and America. At the heart of this turmoil: Samba, the son of a wealthy merchant, lives body and soul the revolutionary ideal. He travels the country to explain the virtues of socialism to the peasants. It is there, in Bambara country, that Lara emerges, a young girl married by force, whose beauty and determination upset Samba. Samba and Lara know their love is threatened. But they hope that, for them as for Mali, the sky will clear up …

Worn by the duo formed by Stephane Bak and Alice da luz, Twist in Bamako announces itself as an explosion of joy and love, where politics and the songs of Claude François mingle. His new trailer also leaves in mind the words of “Belles, belles, belles”:

Distributed by Diaphana, Twist in Bamako will make French venues dance from the January 5, 2022.

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