Two new Caesars will be awarded from 2022

The Academy also wants to open up to more diversity.

The Caesar Academy met this week to prepare for the next ceremony, and voted to create two new awards:

– the César for best visual effects, which will be awarded to “the excellence of French creativity through the work of film visual effects supervisors”.

– the César for best documentary short film, which will be awarded “to emerging documentary filmmakers.”

These two Césars will, like the others, be subject to a vote by the professionals in the trades concerned, and we already know that the preselection of short documentaries will include 12 films.

The committee also communicated on its wish to open up to more diversity. “For the sake of openness, the criteria for membership of the Academy have been temporarily relaxed for the years 2021 and 2022, explains their press release relayed by French Film. This relaxation should make it possible to open up the Academy to more diversity and youth, in particular among women, in order to move towards the objective of parity of the members of the Academy that the Association has set itself. Applications to become members and vote for the César 2022 must be sent to the Academy’s secretariat before October 15, 2021. “

Albert Dupontel: “I slept during the Caesar!”

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