Two sons – Félix Moati: “During the editing, I realized that I had made a film about absence”

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Felix moati
Nicolas bellet

Passage (successful) behind the camera for the actor Félix Moati: with Deux Fils, he signs a film that is both personal and universal. Meet.

If the actor Felix moati had already made a short film (already with Vincent Lacoste), he went long in early 2019 with Two sons, which will be broadcast on France 3, for the first time in the clear, in the second part of the evening (meeting precisely at 11:20 p.m.). When he came out at the cinema, we had discussed it with him and it was without filter that he answered us on his inspirations (yes, he too had a mystical crisis as a teenager!), The themes hidden in his film and the keys to better appreciate it.

Two Sons: criticism

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