Tyler Rake 2 officially begins filming in the snow

Director, Sam Hargrave, announces live from Prague.

Long the most popular Netflix movie, until the arrival of Red Notice the last days, Tyler rake He’s been planning his sequel for quite a while now, probably waiting for Chris Hemsworth to find some room on his MCU agenda. This time it’s gone: director Sam Hargrave announces this week, on Instagram, the launch of the production ofExtraction 2 (from its original title). It is in Prague, under heavy snowfall, that the first days of Tyler rake 2. An icy environment that will contrast with the heat of the streets of Bangladesh from the first opus.

Recall that production was initially to be held in Australia, but given the health crisis, it moved to the Czech Republic.

Tyler rake 2, again directed by Sam Hargrave on a script by Joe Russo (Avengers: Endgame) – which he produces with his brother Anthony – will be worn by Chris Hemsworth, who will face David Harbor (Stranger Things), Derek Luke (13 Reasons Why) and Golshifteh Farahani (Invasion).

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