Uèle Lamore: “There is room for everyone in the film music industry”

Specialized in the mixture of sound textures, the young composer returns to the relationship between images and sounds.

When you meet Uèle Lamore, what strikes you right away is her look and her diction: totally speedy and incredibly laid back. Both in time and completely free.

If you don’t know this gifted woman that everyone is starting to snap at, know that she has several strings to her bow: a Berklee graduate, she is a composer, conductor and founder of several groups (including the ‘Storm Orchestra). She quickly imposed herself by writing arrangements for others (Agar Agar, Grand Blanc or even Etienne Daho), but in Cannes, she came to defend the music she composed for two films. The Aissa Maïga court, No Feministwhere his music takes on oriental accents, and the documentary Feminist Response by Marie Perennès and Simon Depardon who follows the movement of splicers against sexual violence. Uèle returns here to what the composition of soundtracks represents in his azymutated career, and his desire, his visceral need to forge links between all music, all sounds and all horizons…

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