UFO(s): is season 3 planned? [exclu]

Nicolas Velter-Montebello Prod-Canal

The two creators, Clémence Dargent and Martin Douaire, answer us.

A few days ago, Didier Mathure resumed his hunt for UFO(s) on Canal+. After a first season that surprised everyone, season 2 is once again unanimous. So in the face of this undeniable success, will the fantastic French 70’s saga continue with a season 3?

We asked the question to the two creators, Clémence Dargent and Martin Douaire. And they reveal to us that a sequel is not yet on the agenda.

“We’re not writing season 3. Not yet. We’re on hold.“, they explain to us, before specifying to be “thinking with Canal +, to decide what would be the most interesting to do… Because we don’t want to do one season too many.”

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All options are therefore on the table for UFO(s)which could just as well stop there. “It’s a possibility. Let’s say we are in the same state as our main character at the end of season 2…”

This season 2 ofUFO(s) will end precisely next Monday on Canal + in prime time. But all the episodes are already available on MyCanal.

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