Ultimate extract of Luca, before its screening at the Annecy festival

Pixar introduces us to Alberto, key character in the animated film available tomorrow on Disney Plus.

This excerpt from Luca, which has just been posted online by Disney studios, shows us that Pixar is still capable of making great animated films. A perfect video for the current season, which focuses on the character of Alberto, whom the young hero meets in a fictional village in Italy, strongly inspired by the natural settings of the Cinque Terre. And yes ! The idea for the film comes straight away from the childhood of the director Enrico Casarosa (without the transformation into fish of course) who explained to us having had more or less the same story as Lucas: he too discovered the world helped by a friend of his a little turbulent.

Here is a video dedicated to Alberto teaching Luca that there is the Italian language, oxygen, gravity, the sky, the clouds and the sun. This new animated film will be available on Friday on Disney Plus and screened tonight at the Annecy animation festival.
By Gaspard Raimbaud

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