Uncharted: Tom Holland goes on a treasure hunt in new trailer

With action, poison arrows and flying boats …

“500 years ago, my family found an immense treasure, before being betrayed”, tells the character played by Antonio Banderas in Uncharted, the new film by Ruben Fleischer (Welcome to Zombieland, Venom), adapted from the popular Naughty Dog video game series.

In this first film adaptation of the eponymous game, Banderas will face heroes Nathan Drake and Sully, respectively as Tom holland and Mark Wahlberg. The duo, allied in the quest for a treasure estimated at nearly five billion dollars, will do everything to face the dangers and come out alive (and rich) from this expedition! A thrilling adventure, as shown in this new trailer for the film, which focuses on the treasure and its origins:

Uncharted is dated for February 16 next.

Uncharted: a scene from the film compared to that from the video game

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