Uncoupled: Neil Patrick Harris to star in Emily in Paris creator’s new series

Uncoupled: Neil Patrick Harris to star in Emily in Paris creator's new series
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The How I Met Your Mother star is going to play a bachelor again in New York City.

WhileEmily in Paris has completed the filming of his season 2 in the French capital, Darren Star is already preparing his next series, Uncoupled, still for Netflix. Deadline reveals that Neil patrick harris It will be the main actor: he will play Michael, a man who finds his life perfect until her husband leaves him after 17 years together. He finds himself confronted with his worst nightmares: losing the one he thought was his soul mate, and finding himself alone, after 40 years, in New York.

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Barney’s interpreter in How I Met You Mother will therefore again play a bachelor in the heart of the American city, but with several differences all the same: this new character is gay and suffers from this sudden celibacy, he who believed that his couple was solid, while Barney chained the relations of ‘one evening, with women. By signing for this project, Neil Patrick Harris finds in passing Netflix, where he shot the family series The Disastrous Adventures of the Baudelair Orphelinse.

The series that … from Neil Patrick Harris

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