Under the same roof: “I would have liked to be Richard Curtis, I became Dominique Farrugia”

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Dominique Farrugia Under the same roof

Confessions of an ex-Dummies.

TFX will broadcast this Sunday Under the same roof, Following Delphine 1 – Yvan 0, always carried out by Dominique farrugia. During his visit to Nantes for a preview of the film at the UGC Ciné Cité Atlantis, in 2017, we took a few minutes to ask him about this project. The story of a couple in the middle of a divorce, forced to make a forced roommate.

Review of Under the same roof: the economy of the couple comic version

First: The similarities between Under the same roof and The couple’s economy by Joachim Lafosse are quite striking. It’s practically the same story, but with two totally different angles.
Dominique Farrugia: It is true that it speaks exactly of the same thing. It is a story of a couple and sharing a house, saving money. With him it’s darker and with me more cheerful. Making people laugh is what I do best. Far from me the ambition to deal with the same subjects as Joachim.

But is there a temptation with you to leave the comedy aside and go for the drama?

I do not know. No. Finally … For now, it’s like in the casino: I win so I continue to play! The day when there are no more pieces, I will stop. I try to mix the two and do it as best I can. I’m serious enough inside that I don’t necessarily want to spread it elsewhere. Afterwards, I have an idea that I develop, which in my opinion will lead me more towards something dramatic than comic. But will anyone want to tell me something like this? I do not know. Answer on April 19, after the results of the film!

What couples movies are going to have inspired for the screenplay?

I am not a huge consumer of these comedies. And in fact we are a little more in an anti romantic comedy in Under the same roof. I would have liked to have been Richard Curtis, I became Dominique Farrugia. I love to mix a lot of silliness, humor, and a little tenderness and emotion. It’s true that this is my third film in the same style, but that’s because it touches me a lot to direct them.

Under the same roof: the economy of the couple comic version

Dealing with the theme of separation in a comedy in an original way was not necessarily easy, especially after Mom or dad.

What interested me was not so much to talk about the separation as about the forced collocation. One in three couples in France and one in two in the Paris region divorce. In large cities, 60% of them need to live together for at least the first year. This was what I wanted to talk about. The real pitch is: “I have 20% of the apartment, you 80. So either I live in it, or you buy back my shares.And he’s blackmailing her. It amused me to have a beautiful loser and a housekeeper, with practically a third child of 42 years old.

Gilles Lellouche is also quite formidable in the role. Is he an actor that we direct a lot?

We can talk to him, he is accessible (laughs). We did a lot of reading, we talked a lot. And he improvises a lot, in the same tempo as the stage. To give you an image, it starts from a cucumber and it goes to the basket of fruits and vegetables. But sometimes it goes too far and you have to bring it back in history. I like this sentence from Chabrol: “We do not direct the actors, except to tell them where the canteen is” (to laugh).

There is this crazy scene where Lellouche proudly walks around naked in her living room, while her stepmother is present.

I got the idea thanks to my own mother-in-law, I did it to her once. Nah, I’m joking ! Gilles didn’t want to shoot this scene at all and show his buttocks. Besides, they are not his. Makes me think it’s weird because in BIS, there were already two hairy guys … I must have something deep inside me!

Leftovers from the Canal era, right?

Yes yes, I like the free joke. But there it is not that free. The guy comes home – because it’s home anyway – and his mother-in-law finds him transparent and talks about him in the third person. It is extremely annoying!

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