US critics horrified at new Resident Evil: welcome to Raccoon City

A film which aims at “fan service, instead of having written a coherent script which is a little bit scary”.

Franchise resident Evil by Paul WS Anderson has never been favored by the press. But his successor, Resident Evil: welcome to Raccoon City, which has just been released in theaters, is not doing much better. Even if it is more faithful to the original video games, this new adaptation made the blood of US critics cold. And not in a good way! With only 27% positive feedback on Rotten Tomatoes (at present), Johannes Roberts’ film takes its grade.

New gruesome footage for Resident Evil: welcome to Raccoon City

According to Los Angeles Times, this reboot “never successfully reproduces the fear that characterized games. His approach to gore is as imaginative as a child scratching a scab... “

the New York Times is not more tender and points the finger at weakness “characters and dialogues that are no better than a second-hand Discman. Claire (Kaya Scodelario) is hoping that she and her brother, Chris (Robbie Amell), manage to survive a night of the living dead, mutant Dobermans and this eyeball-shaped monster riddled with tumors … only surprise is that Roberts eschews easy “Jump Scares” in favor of well-designed thriller scenes “.

Variety also attacks the writer-director, Johannes Roberts, guilty according to the critics of doing in the “fan service, instead of having written a coherent script which is a little bit scary.” The site also explains that Raccoon City play 90’s nostalgia, but “in any decade, the multitude of unexplained details, abandoned subplots, uninspiring characters would be a bummer. “

ComingSoon tackle in turn: “Raccoon City actually boils down to an hour and 47 minutes of shootouts with no script or character relationships, which could help this failed film (…) Unfortunately, as the film progresses, the story becomes less and less less interesting and takes directions that seem familiarly monotonous … “

A little less severe, Polygon estimate that “Raccoon City is not as scary as it should be, while it goes back to the roots of the game (…) But despite all its limitations, it remains a B-movie that holds up. “

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