Val: finally a French release date for the documentary on Val Kilmer

In France, it will not be broadcast on Amazon, but on VOD, via Originals Factory.

Screened as part of the last Cannes film festival, Val, the documentary on Val Kilmer, created from thousands of hours of archives recorded by the actor himself over the course of his career, has left a mark on First. Offered on Amazon Prime for the English-speaking public from August 6, it did not yet have a French release date, because with us, another distributor bought it to broadcast it on VOD: Originals Factory. And the band just announced that Val will be visible in France next January.

Here is an excerpt from our review, as well as the movie trailer: “Sleeping for years in a warehouse, these maddening archives have been entrusted to directors Leo Scott and Ting Poo, who interweave them with images of today’s Val Kilmer. Here, this one offers full access to his memories, his joys and regrets, telling the story of a “magical life” damaged by illness, a painful divorce, and quite a few errors of judgment – the actor had, in the 90s, the reputation of being the one of the most candy-busting divas of the US cinema. Kilmer is now damaged, out of circuit, but nevertheless reveals himself flamboyant, of a crazy charm, in his super flashy neo-hippie outfits, making scrapbooks on the floor of his house. living-room, supported by his children, who seem to adore him – his son Jack lends his voice so that Val can tell his life off in the first person, in a rather moving generational handover. “

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