Val Kilmer opens up about friendship with Tom Cruise after Top Gun

Val Kilmer Tom Cruise Top Gun

“I have always seen Tom as a friend and we have always supported each other.”

Iceman and Maverick pulled each other badly in Top Gun. But if the two pilots were rivals on screen, behind the scenes, the two stars of the film, Val Kilmer and Tom cruise, were far from hating each other.

This is what the incredible documentary suggests in substance Val, recently shown in Cannes but not yet visible in France, during which the star talks about her experience in Top Gun, showing personal videos he shot during production. He also recounts his personal memories and how he developed the character of Lieutenant Tom “Iceman” Kazansky:

“On paper, in the script, there was very little about Iceman’s character. So I tried to make it true. I made up a story for him, where he had a father who had him. ignored and, therefore, was motivated by the need to be perfect in every way. This obsession with perfection is what made him so arrogant. “

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Val Kilmer also tells of having played “voluntarily on the rivalry between the character of Tom and mine offscreen. What then happened on set was that the actors ended up forming two separate camps. You had the Maverick and Goose team on one side, and Slider, Hollywood, Wolfman and me, Iceman on the other. It was fun to play the conflict between our characters! But in reality, I never had a conflict with Tom. I have always seen him as a friend and we have always supported each other. “

Val Kilmer and Tom cruise will even meet soon at the cinema for Top Gun: Maverick.

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