Valérie Lemercier responds to the Dion family: “I don’t want to apologize”

Fully assuming the bias of her film, the actress and director of Aline ensures that she was very careful “not to damage this family …”

Brother and sister of the Canadian star, Claudette and Michel Dion did not spare the film Valerie Lemercier, in recent days, during a program in Quebec, accusing in particular the French filmmaker of being “ paid for a nasty trip on the back of Celine’s life … “ A very severe reaction, for the director ofAline, which responds today in the Canadian newspaper La Presse.

“We were so careful. I didn’t want to spoil this family, these characters. We took great care to present them as heroes, which they are to me, anyway”, is surprised Valerie Lemercier, who hasn’t seen Julie Snyder’s talk show, but knows what was said on the show.

She takes back : “I don’t want to apologize for making this film because I like it, this film (…) It’s cinema. It’s not a documentary; it is a fiction. It is said at the beginning of the film: there are things which are not true, which are of the order of the imagination of Brigitte Buc and I, who wrote the scenario (…) Yes, it is is true, no one has proposed to Celine Dion by putting a diamond ring in their ice cream in Italy, but it’s a pretty story. Céline had 15 houses, but we only see three. And I concentrated all the brothers into one because you can’t have 25 main characters in a movie. Making a film is also about making choices. “

Claudette and Michel Dion had notably pointed out the erroneous vision of Valerie Lemercier concerning the singer’s youth: “I heard they found the house dirty. But I was so careful to make it look tidy and clean. The cinematographer put on the best light possible so that everyone was beautiful… even I am ugly! “

And then the director ofAline concludes by explaining that Claudette and Michel’s point of view is not necessarily that of the whole Dion family : “I know there are other people in the family who haven’t spoken publicly and who really liked the film. The family is big. You can’t please everyone.”

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