Venom 2 contains scenes from Matrix 4

Shots of helicopters shot in San Francisco.

The team of Venom: Let There be Carnage took advantage of the simultaneous filming of Matrix Resurrections in the heart of the city of San Francisco, reveals the supervisor of the filming locations of the blockbuster of Andy Serkis in ScreenRant. In an action scene filmed on the roof of Coit Tower, Eddie Brock and Venom (Tom Hardy) are chased by the police, and helicopters are seen in the background, which audiences assume are backup local authorities to catch the anti-hero and his alien sidekick. Except that they were actually in use on another shoot, says Christopher Kusiak: “The helicopters were flying for the new Matrix, which was shot at the same time, so we captured some of their activity with our cameras. ”

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He specifies that if this coincidence was very practical concerning this sequence (Sony certainly saved money by not having to pay for the use of the helicopters, nor by adding them digitally in post-production), the shooting of Matrix 4 in parallel with theirs has sometimes complicated the manufacture of Venom 2. In particular because it had started a few weeks before, and therefore had priority concerning the reservation of filming locations. “There are a lot of things that impacted our shots, he explains. Several planned driving scenes in town were skipped because the team of Matrix was controlling all of the lower part of town … We ended up transferring a waterfall to the roof of a parking lot because we couldn’t access certain areas because of the other shoot. Finally, if it were us who had started the shootings first, it would have been the opposite, it is undoubtedly the team of Matrix who would have suffered all of this. “

Matrix 4 will be released before Christmas and Venom 2, October 20 at the cinema. Here is his trailer:

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