Venom 2: the post-credits scene explained by MCU boss Kevin Feige

The Marvel Universe boss teases a direct link with Far From Home, the next Spider-Man!

Basically, he’s not part of the MCU. But that was before. Venom 2, which leaves this Wednesday at the cinema in France, has certainly upset the franchise, with a post-generic scene that will amaze more than one. Attention spoilers!

In the dying seconds, Spiderman and Tom holland have appeared! How? ‘Or’ What ? While Eddie and Venom fled to a desert island to spend happy days, they suddenly find themselves propelled into what we understand to be a parallel universe. That of the MCU. That of Spiderman. And more precisely that of Far From Home, when, in the end, the identity of the spider-man is revealed to the world by the Daily Buggle. And judging by this post-credits scene, the symbiote has a past with Spiderman and she seems to want to settle scores. Clearly, the sequence teases an upcoming clash between Venom and the Avengers superhero. But when ? Venom 3 ? Or before ?

Indeed, Asked by the Hollywood Reporter, MCU boss Kevin Feige made it clear that Venom: Let There Be Carnage was an open door from the Sony franchise to Disney’s Marvel Universe: “There was a lot of work, it took a lot of coordination to get to do that. If you don’t know all the details yet, I’m not going to throw it all away … But yes, between Sony and Marvel, as well as between the team of Venom 2 and the team of No Way Home, we all worked together. “

Venom 2 contains scenes from Matrix 4

A little sentence that could say a lot. Because Feige mentions the next one by name Spider-Man 3 and necessarily suggests that Venom could make an appearance in this film which will have fun mixing the universes …

So Tom Hardy in No Way Home ? This will of course thrill Marvel fans until the release of the blockbuster on December 15th. Maybe we’ll then be told how Venom was able to move from one world to another … Thanks to the events of Loki, who unlocked the multiverse? Or following the intervention of Knull, the famous God of Symbiotes from comics, able to act on the chronology of the universes? The suspense remains.

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