VideoFutur is launching today Viva, its new VOD platform

15,000 titles including 9,000 of the most recent films, such as Drunk or ADN, are available to everyone for rental or purchase.

Former chain of video clubs that the under 20s have never known, Future Video has evolved into an Internet service provider over time, without forgetting its primary profession: renting films to cinema enthusiasts. This Monday, July 5 comes online its new VOD platform, accessible to everyone and named Viva. From Video on Demand to act, 100% streaming (rental or purchase), which already offers 15,000 titles and especially the most recent hits like Drunk with Mads Mikkelsen, DNA by and with Maïwenn, or even Boy Cloth by Nicolas Maury. Mathias Hautefort, president of Videofuture, explains in detail this new offer and its ambition.

Viva VideoFuture
Future Video

How was Viva thought out and how is your new VOD platform positioned on the market?

Mathias Hautefort: For the past two years, we have been offering our fiber operator customers an offer called myVIDEOFUTUR, ie around 330,000 subscribers. We want to expand our offer to other customers, due to the strong appetite for OTT content (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) which developed during the first confinement. We are therefore launching a different offer today called VIVA by VIDEOFUTUR, where you can access this service regardless of your fiber or 5G subscription. It is a complementary offer for those who already have subscriptions to streaming networks, which are generally and historically rather focused on series. A purely TVOD offer, which will make room for new releases, mainstream, popular, French, American and other films. And in pure OTT, there are not many offers that offer this generalist positioning. For example, MyCinetek or UniversCiné are on a more precise positioning.

What content is available at the moment?

We have agreements with almost all the French or American studios, with rare exceptions. You’ll have pretty much every movie that hits theaters, on VIVA, at most three or four months after it’s released. At launch, we will have 15,000 titles including 9,000 films. As Drunk with Mads Mikkelsen, DNA by Maïwenn or even Tenet by Christopher Nolan. And we will have plenty of new releases from the end of August, thanks to the reopening of cinemas.

How much does it cost ?

There is no subscription. It is pure consumption for the act. To the movie. Either in rental or in digital purchase. For a film that has just been released on VOD, we will be renting around 5 euros, but the prices can drop quickly. In addition, we will be eligible for the culture pass, through a promo code.

Does Viva also offer series?

We have 6,000 series titles. But it’s a more specific genre, which people are used to consuming in SVOD. What is interesting is that sometimes certain seasons are no longer available on the streaming services but they are with us. For example, we have the unknown Scams and therapy. Or all the episodes of Small Murders. For now, the purchase is done by the episode.

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