Viggo Mortensen praises Cronenberg ahead of Future Crimes release: ‘Crash is way above Titanium’

The actor believes that the director was not appreciated at his fair value at Cannes.

Last year, the Cannes Film Festival crowned Titanium, by Julia Ducournau. A Palme d’or judged to be “Cronenbergian”, a filiation totally assumed by the director who regularly cites the Canadian filmmaker as one of her models. Paradox, David Cronenberg has never received the prestigious distinction during the five times it competed on the Croisette, for only one award: the Special Jury Prize in 1996 for Crash.

Léa Seydoux on the cover of THR for Cannes: “Cinema is made for me”

This year, Cronenberg will once again be in the running for the Palme with The Crimes of the Future, his first film in eight years. And its main actor, Viggo Mortensenwho shares the bill with Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart, believes that the director “has never been rewarded at his fair value here” in a interview given to HollywoodReporter :

Many years ago, it was Crash that caused a huge scandal. And in my opinion, no offense to the director of Titanium, Crash tops this film head and shoulders, because it wasn’t all about superficial provocation and unconventional imagery. There was a story behind, there was a real exploration of the character in Crash, much more than in Titanium I think (…) In Future Crimes, as in Crash, we get to know the characters, they are fully realized and they have motives. It’s not like a long music video (…) Cannes can be unpredictable. Cronenberg has been here many times. But I don’t think he was ever properly rewarded. But if people like Titane and what it offered in terms of challenge, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be as much, or even more, interested in this film.“.

Note that in his portrait on the cover of THRLéa Seydoux had also admitted that she was not a fan of Julia Ducournau’s film: “I felt really depressed afterwards“. An opinion that Cronenberg does not seem to share. During his very recent video club with Konbinithe director returned to his meeting with “the extremely talented” Ducournau at the Toronto Film Festival. He claims to have enjoyed his two feature films, Severe who has it”very impressed“, and Titanium that he even finds”more powerful, bolder, more dangerous“.

The Crimes of the Future will be presented on May 23 in Cannes before being released in cinemas on May 25. Trailer :

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